European union versus Tiktok

Should the European Union ban Tiktok? At least some lawmakers think so. Days before the European elections our Hungarian member @negynegynegy investigated the recent US legislation forcing the Tiktok parent company Byte Dance to cut ties with Chinese businesses if they want to continue to operate in the United-States. A legislation that could have an impact in […]

What does the “dream Europe” look like from the streets of Budapest?

In Budapest, @negynegynegy went out into the city to ask people about the upcoming European elections, and whether they intend to vote. They asked people to describe their “dream Europe”. So what does it look like? @negynegynegy is a Sphera Network member and this story is part of our “European Elections” series.

Mini-Dubai in the centre of Budapest

For thirty years, the area around Rákosrendező has been touted as the most valuable undeveloped area in the city. Now, the government wants to use $10 billion to build a mini-Dubai in the area, with Europe’s tallest skyscraper. But the project encountered strong pushback from activists and the mayor himself. @negynegynegy went to investigate.

Decline of press freedom in Europe

Despite the recent adoption of the new European Media Freedom Act, today’s Europe is no bed of roses for independent and fact-based journalism.✍️ For the European Momentum series, our Hungarian partner 444 tells us how the worrying developments in countries like Hungary or Poland continue to undermine and restrict press freedom across the EU. And […]

In Budapest, a bankrupt bar gets a second life

In Hungarian, Zsír means fat or cool. The music bar used to be an old-fashioned pub where local men would watch TV, but soon after COVID-19 pandemic hit, it went bankrupt and closed. Kjartan Code, a travelling musician from Massachusetts, USA, discovered the closed pub and reopened it while preserving the original furnishings. Now, in […]

In Hungary, one man uses billboards to fight for his rights

In Hungary, the government has been using the surfaces of billboards for propaganda purposes for years, spreading the messages of the ruling party throughout the country. As an act of protest against using public money to spread political messages, an activist from Pécs, Péter Heindl, has been systematically modifying and covering up the billboards for […]

Macron and his firm stance on Ukraine

“There’s no consensus today to send in an official, endorsed manner troops on the ground. But in terms of dynamics, nothing can be ruled out.” That’s what French President Emmanuel Macron said at a press conference about the possibility of sending troops in Ukraine to confront the Russian army’s invasion. However, only Latvia and Lithuania […]

Viktor Orban: resignations are not his business

🇭🇺 In his “State of the Nation” speech, given in mid-February, Viktor Orbán couldn’t avoid talking about a tricky topic: The resignations of President Katalin Novak and Justice Minister Judit Varga. ❌ ❌ Despite their close ties to Orbán, the Hungarian prime minister presented the situation as a challenge for his government, attempting to maintain […]

The story of Zeus: a Venezuelan Artist who found home in Budapest

Zeus Salas left Venezuela for Hungary five years ago. From political disarray to the state of public safety, there were many reasons why he left his home to build a new life on another continent. In Budapest, of all places, he found a way to build a new life and continue creating art. Our partners […]