Punk is not dead! #straightedge

Meet Fekete Márk, a young punk musician of the band Still Cold. A regular of underground pubs and bars in the Hungarian capital, Fekete Márk is also “straight edge” punk. Meaning that during his gigs, he and his band members do not drink alcohol or does not take any drugs while encouraging their fans and the public to do the same.

Despite all this, they play crushing punk-rock music with full energy and joy, and both they and their audience really enjoy it. Márk is also a vegan and he does not believe in one-night stands.

Sphera member @negynegynegy met Márk in July to discuss how he lives “a life in the moment” and how he explains his lifestyle and this subculture affiliated with the hardcore punk scene. Because, yes, you can be rock’n roll without alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, and “promiscuous” sex.


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