Our network

444 was launched in 2013 with a tiny group of dedicated online media professionals willing to create an honest, entertaining and truly independent news site in Hungary’s challenging media environment. 444.hu now employs 30 reporters and editors, is read by 3 million people a month and the newsroom and individual reporters received numerous awards for their public service and investigative reporting.
Arty Farty is a French not-for-profit organisation that has been at the forefront of creative projects since 1999. Focusing on youth and innovation, they are the organisers of European Lab and the music festival Nuit Sonores. Arty Farty promotes a reinforced consideration of the cultural, artistic and creative vision in order to enhance a redefined European project, repairing social, territorial and generational fractures.
The only European agency dedicated entirely to podcasting, Bulle Media offers different audio formats that offer the essence of the latest European topics and news. Bulle Media is the parent company of Europod, a podcast network exploring European cultures, politics, and societies on a mission to create a public sphere for producers of quality information and encourage dialogue between the continent’s diverse communities.
Babel International is a French not-for-profit organisation editing Cafébabel, the first online multilingual European magazine. Since 2001, Cafébabel has been championing the idea of an inclusive Europe, where many voices and realities are represented. Cafébabel’s participative stories revolutionised the way Europe is represented in the media and depict what Europe is really like for young people, contributing to an innovative narrative on the Old Continent.
Dinamo is an Italian web agency specialised in video production and social media marketing. The synergy between technique and creativity is the spark that animates every project that Dinamo creates. To defend innovative creative ideas, Dinamo takes care of the whole process: from the creative concept to the production and content distribution.
Since 2017, El Salto is a Spanish grassroots independent media adopting the cooperative model. Committed and independently-run, El Salto covers topics such as politics, ecofeminism, migration and culture, with a radical perspective. El Salto really cares about exploring non-standard audiovisual paths driven by the social movements agenda.
Progressive network of institutions and activists including institute for sociological and cultural studies, a publishing house, an online socio-political daily and socio-cultural venues in Warsaw and Cieszyn. We combine activism, media, knowledge production, education and culture to counter social inequalities, deepen democracy, fight for the rights of minorities at risk of exclusion and under political pressure, and to counteract climate change.
The first online multimedia magazine in Greece focused on culture, society and the arts created in 2013, entirely as an independent media startup. Founded by a group of individuals with diverse background and staffed with both young and experienced journalists, photographers, videographers and designers. Our goal is to highlight and discuss crucial social issues within and along the unlimited expressiveness of pop culture.
Sphera Network consists of ten media and cultural organisations across Europe. Together we produce videos, podcasts and events to create a new Europe. We have the same concerns as the young generation, we want a better world and believe that it can drive social change.
StreetPress is a French online media about urban culture and social matters. Since 2009, StreetPress has promoted investigative impact journalism that is able to (re)create trust between citizens and the media. They care about in-depth reporting, providing fair representation to disadvantaged voices in the media space, and have a strong commitment against the prejudices that fracture our society today.
VD is an independent media brands that informs the youth by distributing original real life stories and documentaries about current events and lifestyle. We give voice to people and open debates about our changing world.