European Dives

Liberties and justice

Embarking on a quest to explore the intricate tapestry of liberties and justice within the European Union, our journalistic video series delves into the heart of Europe's democratic ethos. From examining the protection of human rights in prisons to the challenges facing freedom of speach, our series seeks to inform, provoke thought, and encourage dialogue on the fundamental principles that underpin Europe's commitment to liberty and justice for all.


Explore the complexities of human migration in our "migration" series. Each episode delves into diverse narratives, examining the forces driving global movement, challenges faced by people - not only migrants, but also second-generation citizens. A nuanced perspective on the shared human experience of seeking a better life


The relationship with others is increasingly moving away from what can be defined as traditional cornerstones and new ways of being together are emerging throughout Europe: from LAT couples, to polyamorous couples, to those who decide to split the mortgage with a friend or a friend. There is no longer a single form of how we can - and must - be together, also in relation to the evolution of the socio-economic context which is reflected, with the peculiarities of each country, in life with others.

Historical reckonings

Different pasts, different memories. But have Europeans also reckoned with the darkest pages of history? In this series, Sphera Network partners explore the relationship today's citizens have with the past.

Climate Emergency

The climate crisis is an issue for everyone, no one excluded. How are the younger generations reacting? And politics? Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

Mental Health

"Health is the most important thing", but what about mental wellbeing? Sphera Network tells stories where mental health is as important as physical wellness.

Water and droughts

For many communities, water it is the most precious resource. How is climate change impacting on water resources in Europe?

Parties and Festivals

When summer starts, parties and festivals pop up all over Europe. Sphera Network travelled to six countries to see how the younger generation experiences the entertaining moments.

Generation Gap

Sphera Network is telling stories about Generation Gap in different states! Join us and learn more about the lives and challenges of young Europeans. What is the situation in the world of work? How are things changing for different generations?


Sphera Network is delving into the captivating topic of disability! Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the challenges, triumphs, and inspiring stories surrounding disability in Europe.


Do women have equal rights? Are they heard? What do they fight for? Sphera Network met women across Europe to shine a light on their struggles.


With a saturated market and prices that continuously increase, housing remains a major issue in Europe. Sphera Network shows you what’s the housing situation across the old continent.

LGBT Families

Even in 2023, LGBTQ+ communities are not treated equally everywhere in Europe. Whilst in some countries LGBTQ+ people have equal rights, such as the right to have their own children, in other countries they are openly stigmatized. Sphera Network shows you what it means to be an LGBTQ+ family in Europe.

Energy Poverty

According to Eurostat, 35 millions of Europeans, so 8% of the population, were concerned by the energy poverty in 2020. With inflation hitting hard Europe and the energy price spike, households with the lowest incomes are impacted first. We’ll show the reality of those who cannot afford to heat their home or to live in decent houses.


Far-right is rising in Europe, making it the ruling political party or the party on the verge of power in several European countries. How can we explain that these political parties have risen in the last few years in several European countries? Who leads them? Who votes for them? Who fights them? For you, Sphera Network analyzes how far-right occurs in Europe.


Essential goods, energy, transports... prices are rising making the purchasing power lower for many families. Sphera Network will show how inflation hit Europe.


Environment is not always taken seriously by government authorities when it became obvious that it should be a priority. 
Associations, small organizations and activists are fighting against pollution and environmental detractors. Our six national media partners will show who’s acting in favor of the planet and what actions can be taken to preserve the environment.


Refugees are a major issue all over Europe. And yet, European countries experience it and deal with it in different ways. Between pushbacks and solidarity, the treatment of refugees may be different from a country to another. Our national media partners will tell the stories of refugees across Europe.

Social Movements

Social movements are happening across Europe supported by a youth committed in driving change. Our six national media partners will report how such social movements are occurring and why they matter.

Youth Poverty

Poverty is rising among young people in Europe. Our partners will share how and why this is happening in their country.