VD x Popapganda

VD and Popaganda collaborated together to explore some common topics like LGBTQ+ sport teams that have been recently created both in Greece and in Italy or operators working on the field to provide kits for harm reduction to drug addicts who need it.

VD x Krytyka Polityczna

VD and Krytyka Polityczna explore motherhood in a different perspective. They met two women: one who doesn't want to be a mother and another who wishes she wasn't.

StreetPress x VD News

StreetPress and VD News followed two young men to show how is their life in the ghetto. They also collaborated together asking young people if they manage to save money.

StreetPress x Popaganda

StreetPress and Popaganda collaborated together to show you how police brutality is impacting both their countries.

StreetPress x Krytyka Polityczna

StreetPress and Krytyka Polityczna compare LGBTQ+ rights in France and Poland.

StreetPress x El Salto

Spain has legalized menstruation leave and a few companies in France are trying to establish it. How this measure could improve the life of million of women?

StreetPress x 444

StreetPress and 444 explore the theme of corruption in both France and Hungary.

Popaganda x Krytyka Polityczna

Popaganda and Krytyka Polityczna explain what a pushback is and how it occurs in both Greece and Poland.

Krytyka Polityczna x El Salto

Krytyka Polityczna and El Salto present you their collaboration about a wide range of topics like politics and energy crisis.

Krytyka Polityczna x 444

Krytyka Polityczna and 444 interviewed people on the streets of Warsaw and Budapest to know a bit more about people's opinion on the war that hit our continent.

El Salto x VD

El Salto and VD explore together a wide range of topics like the struggles for citizenship in Spain and Italy or the impact of mass tourism.

El Salto x Popaganda

El Salto and Popaganda investigate together a wide range range of topics such as their public health system.