VD x Krytyka Polityczna

VD and Krytyka Polityczna explore motherhood in a different perspective. They met two women: one who doesn't want to be a mother and another who wishes she wasn't.

StreetPress x VD News

StreetPress and VD News followed two young men to show how is their life in the ghetto.

StreetPress x Popaganda

StreetPress and Popaganda collaborated together to show you how police brutality is impacting both their countries.

StreetPress x Krytyka Polityczna

StreetPress and Krytyka Polityczna compare LGBTQ+ rights in France and Poland.

StreetPress x El Salto

Spain has legalized menstruation leave and a few companies in France are trying to establish it. How this measure could improve the life of million of women?

Popaganda x Krytyka Polityczna

Popaganda and Krytyka Polityczna explain what a pushback is and how it occurs in both Greece and Poland.

Krytyka Polityczna x El Salto

Krytyka Polityczna and El Salto present you two young left-wing MPs and analyze how can they change the society.

El Salto x VD News

El Salto and VD News collaborated together to show you the impact of mass tourism in their countries.

444 x VD

444 and VD collaborated together to understand how to overcome bullying in school in their respecting countries.

444 x Popaganda

444 and Popaganda worked together to compare housing costs in their respective countries.