Historical reckonings

In Poland, a history professor wages a fight against antisemitic politicians

In May 2023 a far-right, antisemitic member of parliament, Poseł Braun, disrupted Professor Grabowski (Polish-Canadian professor of history at the University of Ottawa)’s lecture. In a shocking display, Braun seized the microphone, striking it against the lectern, and overturned a speaker, all while police and security remained absent. This brazen act of hostility and the outcry of “Nie będą Niemcy uczyć Polaków historii” (Germans will not teach Poles history) by Braun encapsulated the fierce opposition faced by those who challenge the sanitized narratives of Poland’s role in World War II.

This video symbolically hands the microphone back to Professor Grabowski, amplifying his voice and insights that were aggressively silenced. @KrytykaPolitycznaTV revisits the professor months after the attack, engaging him in a deep discussion about his work and the challenges he faces, placing it in the context of historical revisionism and the perils faced by those who dare to speak out.


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