The fight of Vanessa, a yellow vest mutilated by the police

Four years ago Vanessa was out on the streets during one of the yellow vest protests in France, when a policeman fired at her. The trauma from the rubber bullet was so serious that she lost vision in her left eye, part of her brain suffered necrosis and she still suffers from persistent pain in her neck, teeth, and neurological issues.

@streetpress followed Vanessa through her various struggles, from her involvement in protests to her painful medical care journey, and the daily financial obstacles she overcomes. Her legal battle, shared with other members of the collective she is part of, unveils the challenges faced by victims of police violence. Vanessa is resilient and provides a testimony on the importance of continuing a legal pursuit.

@streetpress is a Sphera Network member and this story is part of our “Liberties and Justice” series.


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