Claiming space: Queer Estonia

In 2024, Estonia became the first former Soviet-ruled country to legalize marriage equality. The election victory of current prime minister Kaja Kallas, who leads the country’s most progressive coalition government to date. How did the small Baltic nation reach this milestone only two years after pushing the far-right out of power? “Claiming Space.

Queer Estonia” takes us on a journey through 100 years of queer culture in Estonia – from hidden meeting spots in the 1920s through to Soviet occupation, and the emergence of first gay clubs in the 1990s. Today, the queer scene in Tallinn is more vibrant than ever.

“Claiming space matters. To speak up, to show up – these are all ways of claiming space.” Jens Jaanimägi, Estonian queer activist ‪@Levila‬ and Marian Vosumets travelled to Tallinn and Tartu and spoke to local queers about showing up in public.

This shortdoc is part of our “Stories Breaking Borders” series. To watch other films in the series, check out our channel.


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