Sphera Network

The network consists of ten media and cultural organisations across Europe. Together we produce videos, podcasts and events to create a new Europe that represents a youth forgotten in the public debate.

The network aims to be closer to its audience by reporting on issues that matter to them and meeting them by organising events across Europe. We see ourselves as a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe, reaching out to the Mediterranean.

We have the same concerns as the young generation, we want a better world and believe that it can drive social change.

Our stories

Inspiring content, be it videos or podcasts, is our profession.

We transcend boundaries and bring stories to life. We inspire youth to take action for change and we make them feel connected to European issues, no matter where they come from or what their background is. We basically have the same concerns, we want a better world and we want to give a voice to the unheard.

We are the link between the media partners and allow them to collaborate, exchange and benefit from each other to create a new narrative that is closer to today’s Europe.

We received support by the EC. The editorial independence is guaranteed within the Grant Agreement.

Research Studies

A research conducted by our partner Are We Europe about the rise of vertical videos and the breakthrough of the social media TikTok, especially among Gen Z: TikTok research

A research conducted by our partner StreetPress on how to produce and disseminate quality information for the youngest and most vulnerable audiences: Situation analysis

Why Sphera Network

Why a media should join Sphera

Would you like to expand your audience and acquire new skills? Then become a member of the Sphera network! Sphera is a network where your organisation’s stories are valued, taken to the next level and given more exposure than you could ever achieve on your own. We can all grow together. Join us!

Why a company should join Sphera

Do you want to invest where it matters? Do you want to make a difference in this world? Join the Sphera network and be part of the change you want to see. Invest in the future, invest in the media sector, invest in the younger generations. Thanks to you, together we can make a positive change. Become active now! Become a member of Sphera.