Freeing a generation and Hungary from apathy. With Lili Mihalics (Students for Teachers)

What do today’s younger generations living in Hungary think about freedom? How much do they value it, how much are they willing to do for it, and what does it mean to them? Lili Mihalics is eighteen years old and has just started her last year of secondary school at the prestigious Szent István Gymnasium in Budapest. This spring, together with several fellow students, she established “Students for Teachers”, a student organisation calling for a solution to the teacher shortage the country is experiencing right now, a teachable and learnable curriculum and better school environments and more attention to education. Students for Teachers organised their first demonstration in March 2022, with great success. In this interview, Lili Mihalics shares her views on matters related to freedom and solidarity in Hungary, today.

“Freedom in Hungary” is a podcast series in which people from Hungary share their thoughts and visions about freedom, telling their personal stories. This Europod podcast was produced by Bulle Media in partnership with the Hungarian, Budapest-based podcast production agency, Betone Studio.

Freedom in Hungary is a podcast part of the Sphera Network, the first network of independent media in Europe which aims to reinvent the media space and paint a new picture of Europet through impactful, unbiased, raw and authentic stories. The podcast show is also available in its original language, in Hungarian, under “Éljen a magyar szabadság”.

The editor in chief of Freedom in Hungary is Anita Neizer. The editors are Zsuzsanna Fazekas and Luca Lukács. The original host and narrator is András BATIZ. The selection of soundtracks and the original post-production is by Ádám Gyöngyösi. The creative producer is Balázs Román. The producer is Richárd Hampuk. Original concept by Balázs Román and Alexander Damiano Ricci. Sound editing and mixing of the English version is by Jeremy Bocquet and Thomas Kusberg, from Bulle Media podcast agency. The narrator of the English version is Alexander Damiano Ricci, Editorial director at Bulle Media – Europod. 


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