In Madrid, the environmental movement fights against criminalisation

Throughout history, protesting and civil disobedience have proven themselves crucial to the defense of basic human rights. Given the increasing severity of the climate and ecosocial crisis, in recent years several collectives have emerged to adopt more direct forms of protest, including non-violent civil disobedience actions, such as Extinction Rebellion (XR), Scientist Rebellion (SR) and […]

From longing for home to bureaucratic hurdles: immigrants in Madrid share their stories

People who leave their country to flee political persecution, poverty, or in search of new possibilities often have to pay a very high price: from raising children remotely to not being able to attend their parents’ funerals. Meanwhile, governments and administrations often see migrants as a problem to be managed or a workforce to boost […]

Communication is key in a polyamorous relationship

Paloma is Ángel’s girlfriend. Ángel is Ana’s boyfriend. This is no secret, as Ángel has a polyamorous relationship with both of them. Among the new ways of living with each other, the concepts of relational anarchy or polyamory emerge. What is behind these ways of relating? What are the political implications? Our partners in Madrid […]

In Madrid, activists challenge the country’s most important national holiday

On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America, a national milestone that occurred under the reign of the Catholic Kings and that reflects the cultural and political plurality of the Kingdom of Spain, which began a period of cultural projection and… This is the official story of Spain’s most important national celebration. A story that, […]

Spain: can switching from planes to trains save the environment?

Although commercial aviation has historically been attributed to only 2% of the global climate bill, the European Commission recognized in 2021 that this contribution is three times higher: 5.9% of all carbon emissions are due to commercial air traffic. Despite this huge environmental impact, airlines are heavily subsidized by public funds and in many countries […]

In Spain, a movement is fighting the mental illness stigma

Mad Pride is a movement formed by users, ex-users and survivors of mental health services, who fight against stigmas, prejudices and stereotypes, demand social inclusion and equal rights for neurodivergent people. The first protest took place in 1993 in Canada. In Spain, the first Crazy Pride Day was celebrated on May 20, in 2018. El […]

In Lavapiés, a neighbourhood of Madrid, locals are fighting gentrification

Lavapiés is one of the last popular neighbourhood in Madrid, well-known for its ethnic and cultural mix. In the last years, growing gentrification has been pushing up life costs and rents, making impossible for many inhabitants keep living there, between fear of discrimination and the rising tourism market. Samuele Maccolini from @‌vdnews_ita went to #Lavapies […]

Transistence: Can Spain show Greece the way to defending trans rights?

A new law in Spain allows people to freely change gender from age 16, without undergoing a two-year hormonal treatment or obtaining a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria, as required by previous legislation. Popaganda went to Spain, meeting politicians, trans rights activists and organisations, in an attempt to find out how the new law changed […]

Vallekas, a water Utopia

Summer 1981, several young Spaniards from a poor neighbourhood in Madrid were suffering from a heatwave. That’s why they started to throw buckets of water in the streets and at each other. Little did they know, the following year, the streets of their district Vallecas, self-proclaimed they were now a seaport and a Naval Battle […]

Bullfighting festivities must be safe for everyone

The Sanfermines festivities in Pamplona are known worldwide for their nightlife, the “peñas” and the bullfights. But they are not so well-known for the feminist movement and activists who attend those parties to make visible and denounce sexual violence. Everything started in 2008, when Nagore Laffe, a nursing student was killed by José Diego Yllanes […]