Voice of a Community:

Unveiling the European Youth Identity

In November 2023, Sphera Network carried out ‘Voice of a Community’ audience research, engaging 3,300 respondents across seven countries. Discover the insights that will help us redefine the future of European journalism.

About the ‘Voice of a Community’ Report

This comprehensive report captures the voices and European perspectives of young Europeans aged 16-35. By leveraging our media partners’ localised, community-driven audiences, we were able to confirm that there is a strong sense of European belonging across the continent’s youth

Key Highlights

A majority of our readers do feel Europeans, though this sense of European togetherness is more present with our audiences based in Central and Eastern Europe. A majority of our media partner’s communities have similar levels of civic engagement and do care about similar topics: social issues, rule of law and democracy.

Key Statistics

  • 3,300 respondents across six countries
  • Unified European identity among 16-35 year-olds
  • Community of independent media partners

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