Trans women in the Bundestag

Tessa Ganserer was attacked by the feminist magazine “Emma” because she took a parliamentary seat meant for the women’s quota. Download the video

German landlords look at possibilities of solar energy

370,000 buildings in Germany are suitable for solar power, but so far only 4,000 such tenant electricity models have been registered. Robert Habeck is campaigning for more solar energy in rental units. Download the video

5G’s arrival in the Alps

A #5G network in the Alps? One can only dream of that! The European Court of Auditors is convinced that the roll-out of the 5G network in Austria is not going well. So is the Brussels supervisory authority right? The Austrian telecoms authority RTR dismisses the criticism Download the video

Renewable energies in Austria

Austria is the official pioneer in #renewableenergy in the #EU. In the country, more than 78% of #electricity production came from “clean” energy sources in 2020. A great achievement! But is it the same in the rest of #Europe? Download the video

Self-driving vehicles in Germany

Self-driving cars still seem like a distant thing of the future. However, the German Bundestag has passed a law, which will see autonomous vehicles on the roads of Germany by early 2022. Download the video

Meet the wolves in Tyrol

Shocking things are happening in the Austrian Tyrol! Because recently, shooting orders for #wolves have been released more and more often. But what exactly does that mean? Download the video

What does CO2 certificate mean ?

The European emissions trading system brings in quite a lot of #money. Indeed, European companies are willing to pay for their #pollution. Demand for #CO2 certificates is high. Especially in Austria. Download the video

Focus on the price of energy rise

#Energy prices are rising everywhere! But Austria is now leading the way in solving this problem. A relief package worth billions is being created in the country. What exactly does this mean for each individual citizen? Download the video

EU digital COVID certificates

Austria is quite strict! It is the only country in the EU to go against the recommendation for the #Corona #vaccination certificate. The #EU says that the green #passport is valid for 9 months even without a #booster. But not for Austria! Download the video