Sphera Event

Jumping into young journalism

May 10, 2024
Ateneo La Maliciosa


Last may 10th, El Salto brought together future professionals and journalists from written
and audiovisual media in a day of work and reflection in which it was about talking about
media, journalism and communication.

For more and more young people, also for those who are not so young anymore, social
networks have replaced journalists and the media when it comes to finding out about what is
happening in the world.

From the local to the international level, the lack of interest of the millennial and Z
generations in the news from the so-called traditional media is evident, but the media
considered “alternative” are not knowing how to capture their interest either.

“We are facing a scenario of radical change in which it is difficult, but possible, to aspire to
quality journalism,” emphasizes Andrea Momoitio, co-founder of Pikara Magazine in one of
the tables at “A Leap to the Journalism of the Future”, the event which last Friday, May 10,
we organized within the framework of Sphera, the European network of independent media
of which El Salto is a part. “Trust in the media is a big issue for journalism of the future.
People do not believe in journalistic content and that is a serious problem for democratic
debate,” French journalist Jo Weisz also explained, pointing out one of the most relevant
aspects for journalists and audiences.

The proposal sought to organize a space for work and reflection that was as practical as
possible and involve future generations of journalists from the first moment. For this purpose,
El Salto with Turba communication carried out a streaming audiovisual production workshop
with groups of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Journalism students, both at the Complutense
University and at Carlos III.

The day consisted of three thematic panels, which provided opportunities for conversation,
reflection and practice of the journalism we want for the future.

The culmination of the day was a private party in the Gruta77 room where, in addition to
enjoying live music from the groups Biznaga and Campamento Chippewa, two hundred
people toasted the future of journalism in the 4.0 era.

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