Energy Poverty

According to Eurostat, 35 millions of Europeans, so 8% of the population, were concerned by the energy poverty in 2020. With inflation hitting hard Europe and the energy price spike, households with the lowest incomes are impacted first.
We’ll show the reality of those who cannot afford to heat their home or to live in decent houses.

January 22, 2023

La Cañada Real (Spain): 2 years without electricity

January 20, 2023

Greece: living in a refugee’s building from the 60s

January 18, 2023

Hungary: A social farm run by foundations is in trouble

January 17, 2023

Italy: How a community of a block fights energy poverty with solar panels

January 16, 2023

Poland: Winter is coming

January 15, 2023

France: the real life of Karima, 22