SLAPPed: journalists against strategic lawsuits

Very recently, Greece learned the meaning of the term SLAPP, short for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. It was not because Greeks read it in a book but because several journalists have been targeted by companies with lawsuits because of their investigative reporting and are thus called upon to face powerful giants in courtrooms. As explained during the last episode, this practice happens not with the aim of financial compensation for defamation but all for legal bullying and the gagging of the journalist.There are three major SLAPP cases in Greece at the moment. The victims are featured in the latest episode of the podcast.c

Show notes:
For this episode, our guests are the three journalists victims of SLAPP, Thodoris Chondrogiannos, Stavroula Poulimeni and Yannis Stevis; Babis Kouroundis, a lawyer and adjunct professor in Constitutional Law; Christina Ad. Vrettou, a Doctor of Constitutional Law; Peter Chantilas, a lawyer representing the Greek hospital administrator; and Kostas Papadakis, Stevis’ lawyer.


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