Unpaid internships undermine the future of Italian youth

In March the European Commission revealed a proposal for directive and recommendation to regulate the EU internship legislation. Long-awaited, the move sets a way to enforce the interns’ rights but does not specifically ban unpaid internships. In Italy, internships are one of the main ways to enter the work market, but most remain unpaid, which […]

Uncovering abandoned cities in Italy

“Urbex” is short for “urban exploration” which means exploring, often infiltrating abandoned places unknown to most people. The aim of urbex enthusiasts is to reveal the hidden cultural heritage of a country, sharing forgotten stories. @vdnews_ita went to the ghost town of Consonno near Milan, to follow a 23-year-old urbex Vasco. The village was demolished […]

“Italy is not a country for young people”

🇮🇹 Is Italy a country for young people? For the national coordinator of @udu_unionedegliuniversitari@camilla.pir, there aren’t enough spaces for young people. 📌 And we’re talking about both physical spaces where young people can meet freely and form social relationships with their peers, and access points in the complex world of work. 🖥️ The sixth mini interview […]

“Italy is among the 5 European countries that do not recognize the minimum wage”

🇮🇹 Italy is one of five European countries where a minimum wage law isn’t yet in force. 📉💸 This measure has been shown to have a positive impact on employment and the economy, especially among the most vulnerable groups. 💰 For our ‘European Momentum’ series, @vdnews met @camilla.pir of @udu_unionedegliuniversitari, the main Italian students’ union, to find out what the […]

“If Italy doesn’t act, we young people will never have a secure salary”

Work off the books and precariousness are major obstacles for the future of young Italian workers, for whom open-ended contracts and secure salaries are real mirages, often mistaken for the illusion of flexibility. 💰🚫 Watch the third @vdnews video for the European Momentum series, with an interview with the national coordinator of @udu_unionedegliuniversitari@camilla.pir

“Free internships must be abolished. Work must be paid, otherwise is exploitation”

🚫 The time has come to put an end to free internships. 🚫 There are still many Italian companies that use the work of interns to carry out tasks for free that would normally be done by regularly paid employees. ⛓️💼 According to @camilla.pir, national coordinator of the @udu_unionedegliuniversitari, this is a practice that should be abolished […]

“We grow up with anxiety about grades and performance”

Competition is not always a positive factor, in school, academic and working life. 📚🎓 The times in which we live increasingly require us to stand out from others in order to succeed, and this often leads young people to see their school and university peers as competitors rather than colleagues. 📖 @vdnews interviewed @camilla.pir, National Coordinator of […]

In Bologna, youth uses music to defend public spaces in their city

Bologna, Italy. Every weekend the Free Arts Movement brings DJ sets to the squares of Bologna. Their aim – create inclusive places where everyone can be free and safe, and to bring the public space back to the community. In the context of the government’s restrictive anti-rave law and growing gentrification, Bologna’s youth is living […]

Italy: an activist’s fight for women’s rights in jail

From overcrowded cells to lack of staff, conditions in Italian prisons have been getting worse in recent years. Women are disproportionally affected, having to deal with gender discrimination, unlike male inmates. Antigone, an organisation for women’s rights in prison, published a report highlighting the inadequate conditions, the lack of professional activities and protection for women […]