Ballroom in Athens: a safe haven for Greece’s queer community

In February 2024, Greece made history by becoming the first Orthodox-majority country to legalise same-sex marriage. Still, many activists continue to describe the country as very conservative, LGBTQI-phobic, and sexist. Greek society remains divided on parenthood and the recognition of transgender identities, and the few rights gained on paper do not reflect the reality, amidst […]

Irene Parginos, the woman smashing the patriarchy in Greek music production

@ireneparginos is an independent r’n’b artist who is changing the narrative of women’s songwriting in Greece. Her music speaks through her life experiences, from classically trained musician to an independent soul artist. @Popagandagr interviewed IRENE about the struggle of making a living as an independent artist, sexism in the music industry and her music’s connection […]

In Greece, an organisation fights to uphold democracy

Vouliwatch is an independent, non-profit initiative for open government, enhancing transparency and accountability and promoting democratic participation through digital technology in Greece. Vouliwatch, along with other organizations, such as the Greek Council for Refugees, Aegean Refugee Support, HIAS, Hellenic Union for Human Rights and Reporters United joined forces and jointly submitted a detailed report to […]

YouTubers in love: When your life is your job

Danai started her YouTube channel @mikriollandeza in 2011, always with her partner Dimitris by her side. Today, she is one of the most popular vloggers in Greece. The two not only share their normal lives, but also their jobs: they vlog, travel, and make podcasts together. This can blur the line between job and work. […]

In Athens, academics and activists rethink the official history of the Greek state

Colonialism, although it was a very central phenomenon at the time of the foundation of the Greek state, was not discussed at all, or even mentioned, in the public debate. The dëcoloиıze hellάş initiative believes that prevents the Greeks from fully understanding their identity and the history of the Greek nation. In this video, a […]

In Greece, two young activists fighting for the environment

Greece is one of the countries most affected by climate change in Europe. From changing ecosystems in the Mediteranean sea to wildfires, its population has seen the effects of global warming first-hand. And some are not willing to sit still. Anastasia is a young climate defender and low waste activist. She has her own page […]

Transistence: Can Spain show Greece the way to defending trans rights?

A new law in Spain allows people to freely change gender from age 16, without undergoing a two-year hormonal treatment or obtaining a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria, as required by previous legislation. Popaganda went to Spain, meeting politicians, trans rights activists and organisations, in an attempt to find out how the new law changed […]

Sea Shepherd: on a mission to save the Greek seas

Human activity has an enormous impact marine ecosystems. From overfishing to plastic pollution, the consequences of tourism and commerce affect animals who live in the seas and oceans around the world. In Greece, The National Marine park of Alonissos is home to an endangered seal species. One of those seals, Kostis, was killed with a […]

Going beyond the stage of the 2023 Athens’ Release Festival

Since 2016, the Release Athens festival is one of the biggest summer music events in Greece. A stone away from the Piraeus, Athens’ main port, this music event has, according to its funders “rejuvenated the local entertainment scene, believing in the liberating power of music – from which, after all, it took its name.”