Ballroom in Athens: a safe haven for Greece’s queer community

In February 2024, Greece made history by becoming the first Orthodox-majority country to legalise same-sex marriage. Still, many activists continue to describe the country as very conservative, LGBTQI-phobic, and sexist. Greek society remains divided on parenthood and the recognition of transgender identities, and the few rights gained on paper do not reflect the reality, amidst […]

Violence against women: From Warsaw to Athens

In Poland, 25-year-old Liza from Belarus died after being attacked and raped in March 2024. This brutal crime took place throughout the centre of Warsaw. The event shocked the entire country, but rape culture, just like all over Europe, is alive and well there. Journalists from @KrytykaPolitycznaTV went to Athens in Greece, a country where […]

Hungary: Landscape after the scandal

On February 16th Budapest witnessed some of the biggest protests against the Fidesz government in many years, triggered by a scandal surrounding politicians covering sexual abuse of minors. Three weeks after the protests @KrytykaPolitycznaTV went to Budapest to find out if and how the ‘pardon scandal’ affected Hungarian politics. This shortdoc is part of our […]

The story of Zeus: a Venezuelan Artist who found home in Budapest

Zeus Salas left Venezuela for Hungary five years ago. From political disarray to the state of public safety, there were many reasons why he left his home to build a new life on another continent. In Budapest, of all places, he found a way to build a new life and continue creating art. Our partners […]