Taxis can fly

Electric flying taxis might take over the skies by 2024. Companies are now promising inter-city travel in Italy and France Download the video

Regularization of unregistered migrants in Ireland

Ireland giving up to 20,000 undocumented migrants the chance of regularise their status. Meanwhile, most undocumented migrants are marginalized by the Covid-18-passports and unsure politics. Download the video

Sustainable food systems : should we cut down on meat?

According to new Danish research from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, the 20 biggest meat and dairy corporations in Europe are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the Netherlands or Denmark. This happens shortly before the EU Comission presents its new carbon farming initative. Download the video

Restrictions for unvaccinated Europeans might radicalize them

No access to restaurants, bars and restaurants. That are some of the restrictions that European countries have been enforcing the last couple of months. But instead of making unvaccinated citizens change their mind, the force might radicalize them instead Download the video

Fat activism

A lot of young body-positive women fights for their right to feel good in their body and for the society to accept every body type. One of them is Regina Fjendbo, a Danish fat activist. Download the video

Right to be forgotten and GDPR rules

Did you know all Europeans have a right to be forgotten on the internet because of EU’s GDPR-rules? This means that you can get information removed from Internet searches. Download the video

Rebooting the climate strikes: the view from Copenhagen

Since September this year Fridays For Future in Copenhagen have been taking the streets to pressure the government to take action on climate change. COVID19 seems to have shifted the focus in current political and social debates, they say. COP26 was a failure in their eyes. A video that puts young Danish activists to the […]

Shortage supply of Christmas treas, food and…presents

Did you know that Europe will be short of Christmas trees, food and presents due to global supply-chain disruptions? These problems stem from the Pandemic and the shortcomings of ship-transports at the global level. Download the video

Green transportation with sustainable aviation fuels

EU plans an increase in the use of green jet fuel as a way to keep transportion green and at the same time help the struggling airplaine companies hit by Covid-19 travel bans. But is sustainable aviation fuels really the solution or just a way to paper over the cracks? Download the video