Ballroom in Athens: a safe haven for Greece’s queer community

In February 2024, Greece made history by becoming the first Orthodox-majority country to legalise same-sex marriage. Still, many activists continue to describe the country as very conservative, LGBTQI-phobic, and sexist. Greek society remains divided on parenthood and the recognition of transgender identities, and the few rights gained on paper do not reflect the reality, amidst […]

Violence against women: From Warsaw to Athens

In Poland, 25-year-old Liza from Belarus died after being attacked and raped in March 2024. This brutal crime took place throughout the centre of Warsaw. The event shocked the entire country, but rape culture, just like all over Europe, is alive and well there. Journalists from @KrytykaPolitycznaTV went to Athens in Greece, a country where […]

In Budapest, a bankrupt bar gets a second life

In Hungarian, Zsír means fat or cool. The music bar used to be an old-fashioned pub where local men would watch TV, but soon after COVID-19 pandemic hit, it went bankrupt and closed. Kjartan Code, a travelling musician from Massachusetts, USA, discovered the closed pub and reopened it while preserving the original furnishings. Now, in […]

The real life of Ades, a graffiti artist in the Parisian suburbs

Ades (not his real name) is almost 30 and lives in the Parisian suburbs. He spends his days graffiti-ing, painting and drawing in his squat in Vitry-sur-Seine, but also in the streets and basements of Paris. @streetpress spoke to Adés about graffiti culture, earning money from it and living in a squat.

Jasna 10: a centre highlighting independent culture in the heart of Warsaw

Jasna 10 in Warsaw is an independent cultural space where the institutions work in close cooperation with their communities. The centre houses a few organisations that work with minorities, migrants, LGBTQI+ community. @KrytykaPolitycznaTV interviewed a few Jasna 10 residents about the idea behind the institution and their work.

Irene Parginos, the woman smashing the patriarchy in Greek music production

@ireneparginos is an independent r’n’b artist who is changing the narrative of women’s songwriting in Greece. Her music speaks through her life experiences, from classically trained musician to an independent soul artist. @Popagandagr interviewed IRENE about the struggle of making a living as an independent artist, sexism in the music industry and her music’s connection […]

In Bologna, youth uses music to defend public spaces in their city

Bologna, Italy. Every weekend the Free Arts Movement brings DJ sets to the squares of Bologna. Their aim – create inclusive places where everyone can be free and safe, and to bring the public space back to the community. In the context of the government’s restrictive anti-rave law and growing gentrification, Bologna’s youth is living […]

In Madrid, the environmental movement fights against criminalisation

Throughout history, protesting and civil disobedience have proven themselves crucial to the defense of basic human rights. Given the increasing severity of the climate and ecosocial crisis, in recent years several collectives have emerged to adopt more direct forms of protest, including non-violent civil disobedience actions, such as Extinction Rebellion (XR), Scientist Rebellion (SR) and […]

The fight of Vanessa, a yellow vest mutilated by the police

Four years ago Vanessa was out on the streets during one of the yellow vest protests in France, when a policeman fired at her. The trauma from the rubber bullet was so serious that she lost vision in her left eye, part of her brain suffered necrosis and she still suffers from persistent pain in […]

In Greece, an organisation fights to uphold democracy

Vouliwatch is an independent, non-profit initiative for open government, enhancing transparency and accountability and promoting democratic participation through digital technology in Greece. Vouliwatch, along with other organizations, such as the Greek Council for Refugees, Aegean Refugee Support, HIAS, Hellenic Union for Human Rights and Reporters United joined forces and jointly submitted a detailed report to […]