Sphera Days

Sphera Network x Radio Campus Paris

June 9, 2022
Paris, France

Radio Campus Paris launched its first festival, Avance Rapide, in collaboration with Sphera Network. From June 9th to June 12th, four days of radio shows and live music in four emblematic location across Paris.

Thursday 9th June:
Maison des Initiatives Étudiantes (Paris) – Conference room «Europolitique»
16h30 : Round table «Europolitique»
18h : Athletes special «Sport politics at school in Europe»
19h : 7pm special morning Europe & politics
20h : The Reality legislative special
22h : Planisphère : Europe Endless
00h : Ensemble Podcast : Marina Herlop (ES)

Friday 10th June:
Balades Sonores (Paris) / FGO-Barbara (Paris)
Theme «Musical emergence»
17h30 : Digging with l’Internationale et showcase of Yalla Queen at Balades Sonores
20h : La Fraîche Liste at FGO-Barbara : Felower, Annie Adaa et Urumi

Saturday 11th June:
Theme «Transmission & creation»
16h00 : Conference «Diasporic aspect of carribbean music: moving sounds» with Mylène Mauricrace
17h30 : “La Chevauchée”
18h00 : “L’œil à l’écoute”
19h00 : Special show «Transmit sound creation» with A Vous la Goutte d’Or (Room Saint-Bruno)
20h00 : Special show «L’expé, c’est pas sorcier», showcases et interviews with Morfine & Didem Coşkunseven
22h00 : “Carte Blanche”

Sunday 12th June:
Dock B
Theme «Climate»
15h00 : DJ set Cecilia Da Colonia
16h00 : Round table «Climate emergency in France and in Europe»
18h00 : Pilote of a new show by students from l’Institut Pierre Simon Laplace and form the master Climat & Médias of the Université Paris-Saclay
19h00 : Scientific Happy Hour special climate emergency
20h : Live concerts : Polycool, Positive Praxis et Donna La Mulatta


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