Sphera Event

Free journalism in the field of youth policy

March 25, 2023
Budapest, Hungary


Millenna held a unique conference titled “Free journalism in the field of youth policy”, debating the role young people in environmental protection, the EU’s opportunities for the youth, and the distortion of gender roles in the media.

In the framework of the panels, truly interactive discussions took place, where the audience also expressed their opinions. They discussed youth quotas, the experiences and distribution problems of the Erasmus+ program, and the cooperation between men and women in order to reduce harmful gender roles; finally, the conference ended with an interactive board game, where participants where placed in interactive journalism scenarios.

Recordings of the conference are also available on Millenna’s YouTube channel.

The success of the event was made possible by an international, multi-level cooperation, the members of which were the SPHERA European media network, the Association for Sustainable Democracy, and VII. the district municipality, supported by the European Union.

The Association for Sustainable Democracy has been working for more than two years to authentically present the most important topics affecting future generations, with the involvement of young people.
It not only organizes individual conferences, but has already published hundreds of articles, organizes an annual festival, and operates a science communication portal. among others.

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