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European Lab x Sphera

February 5, 2022
Budapest, Hungary
In February 2022, European Lab sets up a day-long event in the Hungarian capital, co-organised with the European media outlet Sphera. Dedicated to Generation Z, a group who are so often spoken about yet rarely listened to, European Lab Budapest x Sphera will give committed young citizens centre stage and bring them back to the forefront of the struggles taking place both in Hungary and throughout Europe, particularly to the East.

In English, with Hungarian and French interpretation.

⏰ day programme:
11.00—13.00 What’s next for European journalism? The Sphera experience, and beyond [ ]
13.30—16.00 Youth in charge: why and how to [ ]
14.00—15.15 The shape of the media for future generations [ ]
15.30—16.45 Independent cultural structures: in the service of young people [ ]
17.00—18.15 New waves of activism [ ]
18.30—20.00 Public policies for the citizens of tomorrow [ ]

  Sat. 5 February 2022, 11.00—20.00
  Auróra (Auróra utca 11, Budapest, Hungary)

Are We Europe Magazine: Europe in Focus – Sphera x European Lab



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