Free journalism in the field of youth policy

Millenna held a unique conference titled “Free journalism in the field of youth policy”, debating the role young people in environmental protection, the EU’s opportunities for the youth, and the distortion of gender roles in the media. In the framework of the panels, truly interactive discussions took place, where the audience also expressed their opinions. […]

Sphera Network x Scomodo

The information passes through the media, but often these are not able to convey the news in a conscious, thorough and above all engaging.For this Roman stage we have organized two meetings: the first talk will be Wednesday, February 8 at 18:00 and will address the issue of the progress of the far-right in Europe, […]

Media and war

How (not) to cover the war.Challenges, mistakes, story ideas when covering a conflict. Everything changed on February 24th. Stories as we knew them are being overwritten. Question is – where do we go from now?To answer this, we have been in the city of Rzeszów, one hour from the Ukrainian border. Together we will think […]

Sphera Network x Carne Cruda

Carne Cruda is a famous independent Spanish radio based in Madrid. With them, we decided to speak about the Gipsy community in Europe. A live talk show that took place in a famous theater in Madrid city centre with high rank guests: Sarah Babiker, El Salto journalist and specialist on racismSilvia Agüero, writer and activistIsrael […]

European Media Lab

European Media Lab gives a voice to a new generation of actors who are shaping up new narratives, formats and models in the European media landscape, in a context of rapid change, between strong concentration of the sector, threats to freedom of expression and press pluralism. PROGRAM 10:00—12:00 The speed-meeting of independent media Spend a […]

Sphera Network x Radio Campus Paris

Radio Campus Paris launched its first festival, Avance Rapide, in collaboration with Sphera Network. From June 9th to June 12th, four days of radio shows and live music in four emblematic location across Paris. Thursday 9th June:Maison des Initiatives Étudiantes (Paris) – Conference room «Europolitique»16h30 : Round table «Europolitique»18h : Athletes special «Sport politics at […]

Sphera Network x Reworks Agora

A day of panel discussions in the heart of Thessaloniki city centre around thematics young people care about: 12:00 – 12:30Reworks Agora x Sphera Network welcoming 12:30 – 13:15Organising Cultural activities and festivals in collaboration with local communities for the youth 13:30 – 14:30Degendering Fashion – The next step on freedom of speech  14:45 – […]

European Lab x Sphera

In February 2022, European Lab sets up a day-long event in the Hungarian capital, co-organised with the European media outlet Sphera. Dedicated to Generation Z, a group who are so often spoken about yet rarely listened to, European Lab Budapest x Sphera will give committed young citizens centre stage and bring them back to the […]

Unsound Festival

About Unsound Unsound focuses on a broad swath of contemporary music — emerging, experimental, and leftfield — whose sweep doesn’t follow typical genre constraints. Influential around the world, it has developed a reputation for identifying innovative scenes and radical sounds. It’s a platform for an exchange of artistic ideas for musicians, visual artists, curators, journalists, […]

Reworks Agora

A day of discussions, talks, screenings and performances Reworks Agora is a one-day, cross-thematic forum that features keynote speakers, discussions, musical performances and screenings by leading experts and pioneers in the creative economy, culture, technology and contemporary thinking. Agora in Ancient Greece was the gathering place where free citizens discussed and found solutions to important issues, and that […]