Lithuanians are protesting the pushbacks at the Belarus-Lithuania border

A discussion with @giedra_peseckaite  about Lithuanians protesting the pushbacks at the Belarus-Lithuania border, the protest in Vilnius, where people were demanding solidarity with migrant people coming from the Belarusian border and what the protestors were looking to achieve and the problem with pushbacks that Europe is facing.

Sphera Live – How music help detainees in prison

An amazing conversation with @haresdp about his reportage on how music is being used to help detainees rehabilitate on a juvenile Portuguese prison in Leira., what the program consists of, how the detainees react to it, and how it’s long term goal.  

Sphera Live – Active listening

An interesting conversation with @olga.stergiadou about the benefits of active listening and some tips on how to improve our active listening skills.

Sphera Live – Abortion laws in Malta

An illuminating conversation with journalist @martinadipirro about the current abortion laws in Malta, the consequences of the pandemic and human rights.

Sphera Live! Young freelancers in Europe

Today we spoke to about what it’s like to be a young freelancer in Europe, the impact that the pandemic has had on this sector and tips & tricks!